Not Just Jazz IV Team

I created Not Just Jazz four years ago.  The team has grown and developed.  So thank you Jack and Jas (JET Lighting); Nigel (Bass), Reuben (Guitar) Laurence (Stage Manager), Nikoma and Vince (Sound), Noval (keys), Warren (Drums), Mikolaj, Chris, Waheeda and Bilal (Treehouse Ltd (Video production)); Andrea, Jamila and Juliette (Backing Vocals); Michael (Operations Manager); Dancers CJ and Sun.Rei. Not forgetting the people who make me look good. Vanessa (Make-up); Samantha and Wanita (Sg Hair); Maureen (My outfit). Crescent Theatre Staff in particular Ruth, Zel, Naomi, James, Sid, Joe; Anthony McFarlane (Photography).  Could not have done it without you.

Great working with you Not Just Jazz IV Team.

Bless you all.


Photos by Mac13SoulPhotographic


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