Whirlwind Weekend Relay

The week has gone soooo fast.  I meant to write sooner about this but I was recovering from a busy weekend and time slipped by.  My August varies.  Some years its end to end gigs and others a steady flow of work.  This year it has been steady which means I have time to do some housekeeping on my music business and check out some playing techniques I’ve been meaning to have a go at.

But last weekend was a whirlwind weekend.  On Friday I played at the wedding reception of Esther and Clint.  A lovely private affair of 50 guests set in the Director’s Lounge overlooking the pitch of Aston Villa Football Club. Amazing view!

As sooMillicent Stephenson Association of Jamaica Nationals Birmingham Service 2017n as I got home it was getting my head into gear for two gigs on Sunday.  The first was a last minute booking to cover keyboards but this was no ordinary affair.  The Queen’s Baton Relay is in progress and the Baton was arriving to the New Testament Church of God in Lozells Birmingham and the event was televised.  In the afternoon it was playing Sax at the service of Thanksgiving and Praise celebrating the 55th Anniversary of Jamaica’s independence.   And, then I received a call saying my husband and I was invited to the Civic Reception for the Queen’s Baton on Sunday evening.  I almost turned it down because my Sunday schedule was already tight. Now sometimes (‘all the time’, I’m told but I don’t know what they’re talking about! 🙂 ) I can be a bear with a sore head when my schedule is packed.  I’d like to think this time I was calm as I had my husband saying ‘Just pace yourself.  The Queen’s Baton relay is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Keep going’.

Saturday was cramming, rehearsing, house keeping and admin.

Sunday morning started with a 9am Choir rehearsal, followed by the Service and entrance of the Baton.  I had a chance to hold the Baton too!  very chuffed! I left at 1145am to rush home and get ready for my next appointment as my  Line check was at 2.30pm. The Thanksgiving Service finished at 5.30pm, grab a quick bite and head out to the Civic Reception.

The Queen’s Baton Relay reception took place in the new Birmingham Central Library on the second floor.  The setting was magnificent. Surrounded by wonderful books, white linen table cloths and napkins, two course table set up, flowers, a Steel Pan duo playing in the background, warm buffet, waiter and waitresses, drinks and conversation.  We left around 8.50pm, but my day was not yet over as I had to meet admin deadline that night by 11.59pm.  I got it emailed by 11.50pm.  Shattered, a quick peruse of my social media and messages then bed.

That was my whirlwind weekend relay!

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