And the winner is…

AJN2017galaleaflet.jpgPicture this.  I’ve finished playing.  I forgo the soup starter.  My sumptuous meal of Salmon, Sweet potato, rice and peas, white Basmati rice, green salad and coleslaw with water.  Coconut and Chocolate tart with pineapple salsa and ice cream was yummy!

I’m chillaxing and musing.  Saying hi and chatting to fans.  The Awards commence.  I read the programme.  ‘And the winner is…’ the Awardees are called.   We applaud. Pictures taken. The Awards finish.

Then the Chairperson, Mrs Beverley Linday OBE, OD, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of the West Midlands, takes the stage and issues her thanks to her team.  She then mentions a new category.  The Association of Jamaican Nationals Chairman’s Special Recognition Award 2017 for contributions to the development of the Jamaican community and other Nationals in the UK and Overseas.  I flick through the programme thinking ‘I didn’t notice this category or awardees’.  Names are called, trophies given.

Then I hear a description which sounds vaguely familiar. About someone who over the years have helped out, being available, yarda yarda. I drift and munch on my tart (well the second one I was able to commandeer 🙂 then I hear my name called.  Mouth drops open, spoon to plate, what!? Me!? Yes, I was called to the stage to receive a Special Recognition Award, presented by Dr John Crabtree OBE, Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands.  Wow!

P.S. It’s pretty heavy.  I put it on my bathroom scales to find it weighs half a stone or just over 3 Kg.  Heavier than my Sax!


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