Teaching Highs and Lows

Millicent Stephenson Not Just Jazz IV IMG_0712Teaching was not my first career choice.  In fact I ran away from it.

When I was young, school young, my mum said she thought I’d make a good teacher and I thought ‘yeah right! Just because you say so?  No chance!’. So my Saturday job was in retail and soon after leaving school I got a clerical job in an office and then I moved on to an admin position in a College.  One evening a Class needed covering at short notice and no teaching staff available so the Head of Department asked if any of the admin staff could ‘babysit’.  I volunteered.  All I had to do was to issue the course work and be on hand to take queries for the absent teacher. You know what? I quite enjoyed it!  It was a real high moment which changed the direction of my working career.  A couple of years later I became a qualified lecturer and went on to teach Information Technology, Business Studies and Teacher Training in Colleges.

Today teaching is still very much a part of my music business. I teach Sax, Piano, music theory and music business principles. I get on pretty well with my students.  We have a laugh and talk honestly about the highs and lows of learning music.  I do get a great deal of satisfaction seeing my students excel and achieving their goals.  A couple of my mature students, who are returning to their instrument, recently stepped up to the plate, overcame self-doubt and nerves and successfully delivered their first public performance. Wow! I am overjoyed for them.

But just this evening I was scrolling through my texts to find one from a student who had been unwell.  They received word from their Consultant that they are very, very ill…I’m still processing the news…left me thoughtful…praying for a miracle.

But I’m pleased they felt comfortable to let me know about their low rather than not return to class.

Speak soon.


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