The Incredibles 2 Disappointed

Incredibles 2When my children were young the school holiday itinerary included trips to the Cinema to watch the latest Disney or Pixar offering.  As an adult I found most of the films enjoyable.  Some I have re-watched when they show up at Christmas but there are a couple that I watch again and again.  My children are now adults and we still reminisce because the films are just that brilliant!  ‘The Incredibles’ (2004) is one of them!  For me Pixar created the correct blend of plot, characters, staging, music, colours, animation, humour, themes, etc. to keep children and also adults engaged and on the edge of our seats.


That said I was extremely disappointed when ‘Incredibles 2’ did not follow soon after.  It might have been around the time of the Writers’ strike or something – I don’t recall – but it did not appear in Box Offices. I often scoured the Net for a glimpse of a trailer or news flash, but alas nothing. Disappointing!  Now, 13 years later ‘The Incredibles 2’ trailer is doing the circuit and boy am I happy!!  I can’t wait for 2018!  I’ll be there, in the queue for children and families to see it.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’ll briefly explain.  There is a family of super heroes called the ‘Incredibles’ who live in a world where being a super hero is quite common and normal and there are many super heroes. However the use of super powers to halt crime becomes outlawed. Each member of the Incredible family have to get used to not using their powers and hiding it in public. Mr Incredible and his friend moonlight so they can still use their powers in secret, unbeknown to their family.  However, one day Mr Incredible takes on a job (on his own) which leads to him being captured by the Baddie.  His wife attempts a rescue mission but… you know what? Rather than me spoil it for you why not give it a watch and tell me what you think J

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