Cafemnee: Your Mind Is Your Music

Your Mind Is Your Music’ Flyer 1This is the theme for Cafemnee session on 3rd March 2018.

Sometimes there are limiting thoughts that stop us moving forward. Psychologists call this ‘shadow beliefs’.  These thoughts tell us what we can’t or can do.

These thoughts can hamper us:

  • making time to practise
  • taking time to write songs
  • taking on a solo in the band or Choir
  • launching our music career
  • booking gigs
  • And the list continues.

They stop us moving forward in a positive way.

In our Cafemnee March 2018 session, Novelette Aldred (MSc, PG Dip) who is a trainer and Chaplain Coordinator of Spiritual Care at Black Country & Partnership Foundation Trust will come along to take us through how to move past our internal boundaries that stop us excelling.  Prior to her Chaplaincy role Novelette ran an Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice.  Novelette describes herself as a ‘fun loving grandmother who loves to celebrate growth and progress of any size’.   Novelette also enjoys teaching; setting examples and seeing individuals go on to do amazing things.

The day will be in two parts. The morning will focus on confidence building and empowerment to move past our self-limiting thoughts.   The afternoon will be a practical music session consisting of Jam session and masterclass for instrumentalists and vocalists.

Flyer and booking information to follow…

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