Looking For A Valentine Song My Love?

Millicent Stephenson Reflective Notes Front Cover

If your looking a romantic valentine song for your special someone how about ‘My Love’. A slow jazz ballad as either an instrumental or with vocals.  The lyrics are

I love you so much and I will share my last cake with you
You cheer me so much, can’t stay down when you are around
You give me too much love but you won’t hear ‘enough will do’
You are the greatest man, my love

I love you so much you understand my sighs and my cries
You cheer me so much, can’t wear a frown when you are around
You give me so much love keeps me warm when you’re not around
You are my dearest friend, my love

You captured my heart with one glance of your eyes
How beautiful is your love, much better than wine
I wait for you in our special place
We will eat, drink and get drunk on love
I am my beloved and my beloved is mine

I love you so much so glad to say wedding vows with you
You cheer me so much each day a honeymoon with you
You have given me so much love, from the day we first met

My only lover,
Dearest friend, greatest man I ever loved
I am sealed on your heart and you on mine
Always in your thoughts, always in mine
The dates are too short and the moments too few
Not enough time to do what we want to do
And I’ll always thank God for you, my love

Here’s the recorded vocal version:


And the recorded instrumental:


You can purchase the physical signed CD from my Shop or the downloads from Amazon iTunes or Google Play.


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