‘Your Mind Is Your Music’ how was it?

‘Your Mind Is Your Music’ how was it? Beyond my expectations! Honestly,  Cafemnee fulfilled my dreams that day.  The structure of the event, the flow and content of the workshops.  I am so thrilled.  23 women arrived and when I read their feedback, comments such as:

  • ‘Today I have rediscovered the power of my voice.  Thank you!’
  • ‘I have gained more confidence in being an artist at this phase in my life’
  • I learnt that nerves are a natural and welcome part of performing, I now know how to utilise my nerves, to remain calm and focused’.
  • ‘Today has re-ignited my love of  playing the Djembe’.
  • ‘I respect and admire what Millicent is doing.  Her approach and for taking interest and time to invest in other women not matter what level of proficiency.’
  • ‘Good to see women with different instruments work together in a supportive, welcoming and respectful way’

well, it makes it all worth while. 🙂  Many of the women have started gigging.  Some are improvising and taken on solos.  I’m amazed and over joyed at their journey and knowing that Cafemnee has helped them to make that change.

I could not have done it without my wonderful team.  Thanks Cynthia, Joanne and Pat.  Also facilitators – Louise Dengate, Sarah Westwood and Sheryl Richards. Rev Jacqui Newsome and her congregation for allowing us to use their building and Two Phat Cooks for the mouth-watering lunch.

There are initial pictures of the day on the Cafemnee website.  The videos and other pictures will be coming soon https://cafemnee.com/2018/04/11/how-was-your-mind-is-your-music/


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