Making Music, Making Money


This event is now postponed.  Please see the ‘Making Music, Making Money‘ page for more details.

Are you enjoying your music but not your music income? Not sure what else to do to create a living through your music?   I developed my music from a hobby into a full time professional occupation and in this seminar I will share tips and insights I gained making a living through my music:

  • 15 ways you can make money through your music,
  • 10 key business principles to move your music business forward
  • 5 things you must have in place to survive in music.

Ben Benson, Musicians Union Regional Officer for the Midlands, will be presenting the ways in which the Musicians Union, a recognised Trade Body for musicians in the UK, assist music makers and the various services and benefits the Musicians Union has on offer.

The morning will also include a Panel for questions and answers about making money, making music. The Panel will include Ben Benson, Millicent Stephenson and Joanna Karselis a composer, singer-songwriter. Joanna writes music for Film, Theatre, Plays, Advert and Podcasts.


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