A Day In The Life Of A Musician – Impromptu Sunshine

As a full time self-employed musician working from home I have figured out over the years that completing my domestic duties before 9am works best so that I can start my work day undisturbed by chores waving at me, requesting attention.  This works the majority of the time however the impromptu incident for today was rescuing a large fresh root Ginger that had fallen behind a counter in my kitchen. Not by me I must add but by someone in my household who felt this chore would make them late for work…I was not told this by note, text or phone call, just me doing a Poirot, deducing by the upturn empty Ginger container perched on its side at the edge of the counter in a silent house… I’m sure, if I ask later, all will deny!!!

Having rescued said Ginger, it was now 8.45am. I sat down and clarified in my mind what it was I had to achieve for the day and listed my targets in my notebook. While re-reading my priorities I recalled a brilliant idea I had for ‘Not Just Jazz’ early in the morning but I chose to reign myself in from going off on this tangent as I could easily not achieve my goals for this day and I know I would regret it.  I had a student arriving for 9.15am so  I did some filing, which was on the list.  I taught an enjoyable piano lesson to a beginner learning to play ‘Yahweh’ by ear.  When I finish teaching I like to have a little break before going back to work.  So I watched 20mins  of ‘Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events‘  Season 2 episode 8 which was very enjoyable.  I can’t wait for the Baudelaire’s to finally get the upper hand but so far they never have…I live in hope 🙂

I did not check my emails – yes I said it!  Because I’d be all day on that and today I had some non-IT work that I’ve been putting off or not getting to.  Today was the day to tackle them so I worked from my Kitchen table, window open, great view of the garden.  I proofread the spreadsheet printout (Yes, I’m old fashion) of Merch Sales; spoke to my Keyboard player for Not Just Jazz; Reply to text messages from one of the dancers; Prepped for 3 students who were coming later in the afternoon; quick catch up on Insta, respond to some WatsApp messages and some more Texts.  Now I know this might sound as though I ignore some messages but not so.  The truth is I’m on a lot of platforms and it takes a while to get through everything, but I get there 🙂

I had a lunch break around 1.30pm and then the Sunshine called to me.  The view from my garden was too wonderful – bright, Bees, flowers, lawn, trees, the scent of white Lilacs and I said to myself, ” Are you going to stay indoors when there is this gorgeous Sunshine outside? How long will it last? It’s England woman, sunshine and warmth is fleeting!’  I had pair of shoes that I had left for resoling with the Cobbler so that made my mind up.  I rationalised the impromptu incident by saying to myself that a quick walk down the road will count for my exercise quota, and if I return by bus I could be done and dusted before my students arrived… so off I went! 🙂

It’s nice to get out when you work from home especially on a good day.  I can check out the sunshine and see people happily enjoying the heat.  I saw a cute toddler with the most beautiful hair.  I wish I had asked her mum if I could have taken a picture to show you.  She was simply adorable.  I did compliment her to her mum.

I returned home and three students (Piano and Sax) later I was simply knackered.  I treated myself to an episode of ‘Princess Agents‘ with my daughter.  A Chinese drama with strong female leads, excellent martial art scenes, deep story and characterisation.  In general I prefer KDramas but this is a Chinese drama and buoy it’s off the chart!  Check it out when you can.  P.S. I don’t speak the language I just read subs 🙂

The next day was… rain, rain, rain, rain, the Sunshine gone but I console myself with the pretty lilacs in my garden.  They are going over now but they are one of the highlights for me in this part of the year.  I took a pic on my phone so you can see what I mean 🙂

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