My Miami USA Internet TV interview

LadySong Show Miami Florida

I’m really chuffed, another interview in the USA!  This time Miami.  I was on air a few minutes ago with LadySong on her Miami USA internet TV show, about the TTM Collective Band music project I am featured in.

The Sax reggae instrumental version of ‘Take Me To The King’ will be releasesd soon and I can’t wait for you to hear it.  In my Miami USA Internet TV interview with LadySong we talked about how I became a sax player, my accolades, my YouTube series ‘101 Things They Don’t Tell You About Working In The Music Industry’ and of course ‘Cafemnee’.

Well before you start asking ‘How was my flight?’ I guess I should say that I didn’t fly there, no no no!  The beauty of the internet is I was at home in my Lounge in Birmingham UK at 2.45am in the morning being interviewd by phone while my Producer Gary Dixon was there in Miami (5hrs behind).  I did catch 40 winks around 10pm UK time so I could be fully alert at 2.45am. 🙂

Any way, you can catch My Miami USA Internet TV interview on Facebook.  Here’s the link and we are around 1hr and 35mins into the Show.  By the way, unfortunately Lady Song’s show original page of 7000 subscribers was hacked so she has a new page which is LadySong Show new.  The links I’ve provided point to the new page.


LadySong Show Miami Florida

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