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Lloyd House West Midlands Police Head Quarters Millicent Stephenson

Lloyd House West Midlands Police Head QuaMillicent Stephenson

I am a law abiding citizen and I’m sure glad that I drive within the speed limit…mainly – Lol!…don’t judge me, I’m sure you are like me. 🙂  Because no amount of whistle blowing could save my bacon on Monday 6th of August when I received the call to perform at Lloyd House, West Midlands Police Headquarters for the for The Black and Asian Police Association. Wouldn’t it have been funny if I wasn’t a law abiding citizen and then this call comes in for me to play at Lloyd House!!! I reckon I wouldn’t be walking in so confidently 🙂 Mind you, some of the officers were looking at a photo fit but I think I distracted them with my hat and glasses LOL! 🙂

Great event by the way. The main speaker was Dr Robert Beckford (BBC Presenter, Historian and Educator).  He gave a very thought provoking presentation on independence and the cost of independence.

Here’s my ‘thank you’ from DCI Karen Geddes, Crime Manager Wolverhampton NPU and also Chair WMP Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) and Local Federation Rep.



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