A day in the life of a bootstrapping-making-it-in-music musician – Single Release Day 1

Last night I had posted my most difficult gig yet about playing at my student  Dr Joanna Skelt’s funeral.   I awoke with sad feelings but also with other thoughts – music ideas,  my single release and targets for the day.

I have to say that my main plan today was to set up my Shop page for my latest single ‘Take Me To The King‘, and I am glad to say I was successful.  It got done!  So proud of myself. 🙂

But posting a link to music is not the be all and end all of releasing and selling music.  As a bootstrapping-making-it-in-music artiste I’m going to try something a little different and I need your help to do it.  For my previous releases I did not have an album launch, I didn’t play it by the book I just recorded, produced, sold it at gigs.  I did annouce it online in my blogs and website but I did not have a formal, get everyone together release day so this time I’m going to try it.  I’m going to set a date and work towards it and I’d love you to be there.  Now I know most of you are not in the UK so I’ll do something online so everyone can be part of it.  What it will look and sound like I have not got a clue but you’ll know as soon as I do.  But I intend to post as regular as possible to let you know the stage I’m at and what I’ve done.

Now, to shoot myself in the foot!  The preceeding paragraph is great and champion but in reality as a D.I.Y artiste time and money is always in short supply.  Currently I should be on a date with my husband but he’s just finished work, then we go shopping, chill. Family.  Tomorrow is Church and must be a day off or else I’ll go square because my weeks are easily 80 hours tops!  Monday I’ll be cramming for a funeral I’m playing at on Tuesday and also starting prep for the German Market in Birmingham City Centre which I’m playing at next Sunday afternoon.  I’m teaching at different points on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Wednesday I’m in London for a Musicians Union committee meeting so Friday and Saturday is looking like admin and catch up.  So what I’m saying is, with the best will in the world my week gets pear shape very easily.  I love my career though, don’t get me wrong, but blogging every day and – according to the Guru’s – 3 times a day isn’t going to work.  So please see with me.  Blogging once every day may also not be possible but I will be as regular as I can in the week although the release times may not be consistent.  Please still reply and keep in touch and I’ll get back to you.

Speak soon.

Oh here’s the link to Take Me To The King mp3 if you want to get it now before the official launch date.   🙂

Speak soon.

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