New Reed try-out verdict

Millicent Stephenson Sax Hemp Fiberreed Hartmann

My verdict?  I did try-out my new reed, Hartmann Fiberreed Hemp.  It’s a little harder which is to be expected as I’ve gone up a strength for the improvements to my altissimo but a little too hard on my low end.  I’ll give it another blast and see if its any better.  I can adapt to it in two weeks say but I’m playing this weekend and need to break it in before then.  Worst case I might have to shave a little off the heart but I’ll see.

The one thing I definitely did not like is, the taste!!! Urg!! In all my years this is the first reed which tastes sooo chemically.  The previous one I had did not do so, so I’m guessing it might be this specific reed – at least I hope so.  Did check it out on their website.  Who would have known you can use toothpaste to clean their reeds.  Cool! Will definitely do this before I play again to see if I can shift that awful taste.

My new reed try-out verdict? Not a concrete Yes, almost there, to be continued…

Millicent Stephenson Sax Hartmann Hemp Fiber reed

Speak soon.


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