New Reed try-out final verdict

Millicent Stephenson Sax Fiberreed Hemp verdict

How am I getting on with my new reed?  Not bad actually.  I did shave the heart of my M reed which has opened up a little more of the brightness in my lower notes (I get this with my MS reed).  I think I’ll take a tincy bit more off to see if it gets it in the pocket…or not.    I’ve also contacted Hartmann Reeds – Thanks Georg for the suggestion.  Hopefully I’ll hear back about the unplesant taste which I’ve not experienced before with their reeds.

So what’s my new reed try-out final verdict? I’ve tried quite a few synthetic and Cane reeds over the years.  I do love the response of the Fiberreed with my Jody Jazz mouthpiece so (drum roll) I’m staying with it, subject to the shave.  Worst case I’ll revert to the MS.


Speak soon.


Millicent Stephenson Sax Fiberreed Hemp verdict

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