Start Stop Day

As a gigging musician my days are long, especially when I’m working in another city but today it’s long for a different reason.

At the time of starting to write to you, 6.30pm, I’m still not home having left at 11.20am. I’m at a Service Station watching my car being loaded on to the back of a Tow truck by the recovery service. What happened?

Well, today started really great; the sun was out, nice blue sky, a little chilly temperature but bareable. I looked forward to being in London with Gary and Stuart, Producers of my latest single ‘Take Me To The King’, for a music video shoot.

We (my husband and daughter) left around 1120am driving down the motorway merrily chatting, listening to music, planning for the shoot. We were near London, about 30 miles out when we heard a strange sound from the front right of the car. A little cough in the engine, no warning lights.

Quite curious.

No smoke.

No judders.

We weren’t sure what it could be as we’re not mechanics. The car has had a recent service and repairs done, so to be on the safe side we moved to the slow lane. 5 minutes later, the car lost energy and began slowing down. We manage to pull over just before it finally stopped. Really pleased we had decided to move over when we did.

We called the recovery service and waited. The recovery chap was very nice. He ran checks:

Oil fine.

Battery fine.

No engine life.

Reason unknown.


We got towed to a Service Station then had a 45 min wait. From there onto a flatbed truck to Warwick Service station. 1 hour wait. Onto another flatbed to Birmingham, finally!!

Really exhausting. Very dissappointed about today. So much potential at the start.

On the flip side though its given me more ideas for the video story. It’s been a little bit of an adventure. Also I had a tasty Burrito with sweet potato fries at the Service Station. Yummy!

Got home 8.15pm.

Looooong Day.

Start Stop Day.

Almost there Day.

Speak soon.

Bye for now.

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