New Pic by Keri Hunt

10-_MGM7999 Millicent Stephenson by Keri Hunt

Every so often I like to freshen up my Gallery page and this time I fancied doing a white theme with a little black thrown in. Truth be told, I would rock up on stage with jeans and t-shirt but hey! not gonna happen because, as you may or may not know, us women can’t just roll into the waldrobe, roll out and go on stage just any ol’ way – LOL!

So I first want to thank those women who have made it possible for me to look cool. My new look could not have been made possible without a wonderful team – my image consultant Beverley Crichlow; Hair Specialist Samantha Golding of SG Hair; Vanessa Harris my make up artist; Denise a brilliant seamstress who likes to keep things low key hence her surname is not included and June Francis for my wonderful hat. I hope I have done them proud and demonstated their advice and input, all of which has been photographically captured by Keri Hunt, who has done a very fantastic job.

I’ve uploaded four pics so far on my Gallery page. More to come…as and when 😉 stay tuned. 🙂

5-_MGM7931 Millicent Stephenson by Keri Hunt

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