This Is Where I’ll Be On Easter Sunday

There is a park I like to cycle through, and recently I stopped in the garden area and absorbed the vivacious colours and scents of the spring plants.  The smell of Hyacinths still brings me right back to my childhood school lesson of nursing daffodil and Hyacinth bulbs, and to my impatience of wanting them to bloom immediately. 🙂  Lessons leading up to Easter included learning about new born sheep; Lent; Pancakes and Hot cross buns.  I recall a Sunday school lesson where I made a paper mache hill, painted it green and placed a carefully selected stone from my garden in the front of the hill to represent the tomb of Jesus Christ and a straw cross on top. I was very proud of my work.

For me, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are still important days in my faith.  In my work as a full time musician, I can keep them peaceful and quiet, giving me a chance to reflect and think about all things eternal. I’m not sure what the school curriculum is like nowadays, as my children are adults, but in the shops it seems to me that the adverts for Easter are about chocolates and Easter Bunnies. And Good Friday in the UK is work day for some people. This Easter Sunday, I’ll be working and also celebrating. I’m completing preparations over the next two days for Sunday where I’ll heading to London pretty early (7am) to sound check by 10:30am. My performance starts at 12pm and goes until 3pm, during the Easter Celebration service of Triumphant Church International on 136 West Green Rd, Tottenham, London N15 5AD.

On another note, I understand that the Extinction Rebellion Climate Change demonstrations are on.  From what I see of the media, this is a strong protest on a very important topic and the Police are working hard to keep order. However, areas like Euston, Marble Arch, etc., are closed off or restricted, so if you’re coming to see me this Easter Sunday, there may be disruptions. Travel safely.  This is the flyer of where I’ll be on Easter Sunday:

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