Sculpture in the eye of the needle

Impossible! sculpture in the eye of a needle? Extremely possible with Willard Wigan.

I’ve just got back and had to tell you about today. At first glance the needles, about the size of an embroidery needle, used in this Exhibition appear normal with something in their eye but when you look at the eyes using a microscope you then see amazing porcelain like sculpture created with impossible precision and artistry. From recollection it was about 30 works – Taj Mahal, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, King Kong, Lords Supper, Charlie Parker, Ant Man each fitting in the eye of a needle.

I found them all breath taking. Another amazing fact is the violin string of the violinist sculpture is made using a spider’s web!

I tell you what’s even more fascinating about Willard Wigan story is how he got started – how his autism was not understood in school, he left with no qualifications but went on to become the world’s best microsculptor.

Check it out and see if you’ll be as enthralled as me. The Exhibition ends this Friday 26th April at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall, Sutton Coldfield, West Mids.

£6 entry.

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