Bent out of shape

Great day but sad taint!

Can’t believe this! In all the years I’ve been playing, this has never happened to me.

I came off stage at Leatherhead Carnival, really great gig by the way. Had a chat with people as I made my way to the Sound Engineer station to pack down. I signed some CDs. As this was a street festival there was limited space at the station but enough space for me stoop down on the pavement and pack away. I opened my Sax case and put it on the block paving.

Then two things happened simultaenously which resulted in disaster. While holding the base of the bell and the back of the bore I lifted my sax to put it in its case. Someone called me, I was distracted for one moment. I turned to look at them while my hand was still travelling up. Next thing I heard was a thud and I felt vibrations in my palms. I looked back. My Sax had hit the underneath of the wooden table – office desk style – that the Engineer was using. I carefully pulled my sax down. My octave lever!!! Bent out of shape! Man! Just thinking about it now (groan) pains me. The lever is sloping down left at an unnatural angle. The pin is pushed against the neck joint. (See picture). I had to keep a brave face as though nothing had happened as I was still in sight of the crowd and main stage but inside….aaaarrrgh! My pride and joy!

Visually it seems it needs knocking in place, got to check it hasn’t jolted anything else out but I’m not going to tamper with my #selmerparis. Calling repairer tomorrow!

No gigs this week so a good one to sort repair. Will have to rock my Tenor in the meantime if any last minute Gigs occur. Oh well! Lesson learnt. Onward and upward.

Glad it wasn’t before my Not Just Jazz 5 concert. I’d be really crying hard!


Millicent Stephenson crying about bent octave lever. Drawing by Millicent Stephenson Sax.

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