NJJ5 gives back: Café on the Green.

Inside the Stockland Green Methodist Church, where Not Just Jazz 5 will take place on Friday July 26th, there is a cozy café with nice decoration and even nicer prices (seriously, nothing in the menu is more than £4,00!). It is called Café on the Green, and it is managed by one paid employee and a group of volunteers. Speaking with them while I took a break after a performance not long ago, I learned that the café provides affordable meals for people on low or no income on certain days.

Photo taken from the Stockland Green Methodist Church website.

They told me the meals are actually available for everybody, but I think we all are well aware of the current homelessness crisis in the UK, and how it has impacted the Midlands and Birmigham. We have witnessed the devastating increase on the demand for emergency accomodation. We have despaired when realizing that we don’t have anything left to give to yet another homeless person who approaches us in the street. Day by day, the heartbreaking view of rough sleepers trying to find somewhere to hide from the weather follows us, reminding us of how some have not been as fortunate as we are.

Photo taken from the Stockland Green Methodist Church website.

A hot meal is a privilege that can make a huge difference. What Café on the Green does for vulnerable people is potentially life-saving. That is why I decided to support them by giving them part of the proceeds from Not Just Jazz 5. I want Café on the Green to be able to provide more food, more healthy and welcoming spaces, and more comfort, advice and friendly ears that listen to the struggles of people on low to no income. If that sounds good to you, of course that you can help too.

Visit Café on the Green. It is open from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Monday to Friday, and there are coffee mornings most Saturdays and every Sunday after service. If you need to meet with a friend, forget Starbucks go and do it there, where you are allowed to stay for the entirety of the opening time if you want to. Get yourself a tasty meal while enabling someone else to eat that day too.

You can get more info about Café on the Green inside the Stockland Green Methodist Church website. Get your tickets for Not Just Jazz 5 here.

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