NJJ5 gives back: SHAPE

Neglect. Mistreatment. Control. Domestic Violence. Abuse. Drugs. Mental Illness. A good portion of our society has to face such things daily. In the case of women, the lack of opportunities and resources to face or escape these harsh conditions results in homelessness, one short prison sentence after another due to uncontrollable relapse, self-harm and a increased risk of suicide.

SHAPE is a housing charity project born with the aim to provide women trapped in that vicious circle with a safe environment where they can feel empowered to live and function in society. Beyond a good bed under a safe roof, SHAPE gives these vulnerable women counselling, training and education, possibilities of networking, mentoring and overall, the support they need to get the quality of life that they deserve.

Women causes are very close to my heart. I have been blessed with the love of my family and tons of opportunities to live my life to the fullest, which makes me more aware of the fact that others like me, who deserve the same and more, have been deprived of almost everything. That’s why I have been always proactive in opening new opportunities and seeking better conditions for women in all fields, as my work in Cafemnee and my contributions to the MU can attest. I have known SHAPE for a while now, I think since their foundation, and now I want to step forward by giving to them part of the proceeds from Not Just Jazz.

You can help too: donate and/or become a volunteer with SHAPE to give these women ways to leave a past of trauma and fear behind. Protect and support the men and women you encounter in your daily life as well, because all the work cannot be left to charities if we really want a better future.

Visit SHAPE’s website here. Get your tickets for NJJ5 here.

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