ClearRose At Not Just Jazz?

Clear Rose album cover Not Just Jazz 5 Millicent Stephenson

A few years ago I heard the voices of Claire and Rose at a concert. I was so struck by the sweetness and clarity of their tone and their approach to their music. Crystal! And their scatting – wow!! I was immediately transported to a very nice place.

ClearRose (Stage name) are full time musicians who teach, record, write, tour, etc.  They are busy women. ClearRose at Not Just Jazz? It was difficult but we finally got our dairies sync this year and I was able to book them for Not Just Jazz 5.  You will get to hear first-hand their individual and combined voices as they perform solos and backing vocals on my songs.  I can’t wait for you to hear them. 

Clear Rose album cover Not Just Jazz 5 Millicent Stephenson

Things are moving pretty quickly so I might not get time to post rehearsal videos but trust me, they are pretty good and you know I deal with Good!

ClearRose at Not Just Jazz? Definitely!

Thinking of what’s on in Birmingham this Friday? Get your tickets to hear them and me this Friday, 7.30pm, 26th July, at Not Just Jazz 5, Birmingham. Tickets are shifting.  Only 7 days to go! What are you waiting for?  Buy now 🙂

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