What is the secret of a long lasting relationship?


Yesterday in the newspaper I read about another celebrity divorcing after their recent wedding eight or nine months ago. Genuine reasons or PR stunt? Who knows! But what is the secret of a long lasting relationship? I reckon Malachi and Sarah must know something.

Malachi and Sarah are not celebrities but to me they are. They are celebrating their 50th year of marraige. They have been travelling the Globe visiting over 50 countries in celebration and next week Saturday, 24th August, they halt their travels to renew their marraige vows in front of family and friends. I have been invited to play for their Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration.

I first met Sarah and Malachi a few years back when I played at the Charity event ‘Erma’s Jamaica Hospital Appeal Fund’ organised by Sarah’s sister Erma. I went on to play at Malachi’s birthday celebration. Most recently they purchased VIP tickets and attended my Not Just Jazz 5 show. They still look hopelessly in love – LOL!

‘Not Just Jazz 5’ VIPs Malachi & Sarah Thomas with Millicent Stephenson Saxophonist at Millicent’s ‘Not Just Jazz 5’, Fri 26th July 2019

What is the secret of a long lasting relationship? I have my opinons and have written about some of them in my songs ‘My Love (Vocal version)’ and my witty take on relationships ‘I’d Be Blue If I Didn’t Have You’. You can listen to either in my music player, above the menu bar, at the top of this or any Page of my website. Click the forward button to scroll through until you get to them. Alternatively you can listen to them on my SoundCloud or Spotify page.

I look forward to hearing about Malachi and Sarah’s secret of a long lasting relationship, next week. Should be interesting.

Speak soon.

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