God! Please don’t take my gift!

Michael interviewing Joanne. Not Just Jazz 5. Photograph by Keri Hunt

I have known Joanne for a number of years. We first met in our late teens at a concert we were performing in. We ended up shooting the breeze, chatting about music, life, church, etc. A friendship was formed. Joanne has a phenomenal voice, God given; and she also plays the Guitar – she’s very quiet about that though – lol! We lost touch and then our lives intertwined.

Joanne is a supporter of my music and when I put on the first Cafemnee event she was one of the first to attend and champion the cause.

Millicent (Sax) & Joanne. Warren (Drummer). Not Just Jazz 5. Photo by Keri Hunt

At my Not Just Jazz 5 Show I invited her to sing, not because of friendship but because she is passionate about using her gift and she has a health success story to share.

In the Show, before she sang, she was interviewed so the audience could understand her journey.  Joanne’s health started changing a few years ago. Things were happening to her body which the Doctors were not always sure about.  On one occasion in hospital Joanne actaully died for a few moments.  It was during her physio appointment that she found out about this.   This episode led to her losing her singing voice.   She told the audience how she prayed, ‘God! Please don’t take my gift!’.  It was an emotional moment.  It seems there was not a dry eye left in the house.  

Joanne at Not Just Jazz 5. Photo by Keri Hunt

Although Joanne is gradually and sparingly using her voice, Not Just Jazz 5 was her first major performance in 4 years and the audience loved her. Joanne and I duetted on Sinach ‘Waymaker’ and that was also a moment and a half in the Show!  

I met with Joanne recently and man! She is bubbling! Writing songs.  Ideas are now flowing.   

Now! I know, you want to hear the voice of the woman who said ”God! Please don’t take my gift!’, but please bear with my Video Team. Video editing is quite a lengthy process but all will be revealed at the right time. In the meantime, please check back next Friday for more news about what happened in my Not Just Jazz 5 Show!

Speak soon.

Bye for now.


  1. Wow! Wonderful and very inspiring story of your friend Joanne, she’s a real survivor, some things are meant to happen in life to enable a person’s eyes to see more clearly their purpose.
    Joanne’s work wasn’t done yet, some people may say she was given a second chance, I say she had an awakening!
    The Creator wanted her to use her ‘gift’ to bring joy to the masses……I believe big things are on the horizon for Joanne, Well done to her and you for giving her the opportunity to share her talent which no doubt elevated her confidence, raised her self esteem and fired up her passion to do more.
    May the Creator bless you both and with the help of your ancestors, continue guiding you towards fulfilling your dreams and life purpose.
    Love and Light.

    1. Hey Sandra, thank you so much for taking the time to share your insight. I will pass on your encouragement to Joanne. God bless.

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