Chapeau Clearrose!

When you’re standing on the Stage and you have the opportunity to be with an absolutely professional Band, that’s the best moment!  Chapeau! For me, it allows my creativity to soar unhindered.   Last week I mentioned about this regarding my musicians, and this week I really want to sing the praises of my backing vocals Clair and Rose who performed with me at my Not Just Jazz 5 show.


Clair and Rose are siblings, and there is something very interesting and intriguing about working with siblings in music. I’ve enjoyed observing the interaction between them.   The way their harmonies blend beautifully; how they start and finish their vocal lines in sync; how they quickly agree vocal arrangements and often times some things are left unsaid but understood.  Perhaps this is more so as they are identical twins.


The overall music flavour of these two professionals was a delight. Clair and Rose whose stage name is ‘Clearrose’  are two unique and talented entertainers in their own right.  They particularly indulge in Jazz, Gospel and RnB.  They have Albums under their belts and are executive producers of many projects including their latest ‘Central Streets of Soul Volume 2’. Their vocals worked so well my set which included Jazz numbers and scatting, right up to Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin On A Prayer’.   

Chapeau Clearrose!

A part from all this they are two very lovely people who are a joy to be around and to work with. I have worked with many vocalists, but there are only a few who peak my interest and even fewer who have the full vocal package.  Clearrose have the full vocal package.  I was so happy when they agreed to sing with me at Not Just Jazz 5 and I am still basking in their dulcet tones on my tracks.  Chapeau Clearrose!

Thank you so much for working with me this time, so glad your diaries allowed it.  

Hope we can work together again in the future.

Chapeau Clearrose!

Clair & Rose

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