Well done Jordan!

All I can say is ‘Well done Jordan!’ This guy really surprised me.

Jordan passed his ABRSM Grade 5 Saxophone exam with Merit early this year under my tutelage. I was so impressed with the development in his playing that I spoke to his parents about him featuring in my Show, ‘Not Just Jazz 5’.  

Despite his anxieties about being on my Stage, and tackling end of year school exams Jordan found the time to learn his songs. Jordan stepped up to the plate and boy did he bat!  

Backstage at my Show he mentioned he was nervous but you would not have guessed it to look at him.  Smartly dressed and well-rehearsed he confidently took to the Stage.  I was so impressed and enthralled with his performance on ‘Tadow’ that I forgot what I was doing and almost missed my line – lol!  He was also on point in his rendition in ‘September’ (Earth Wind and Fire).  The audience luuuuvvveed him! Well done Jordan!

Millicent (Sax) Jordan (Sax) Photography by Keri Hunt
Reuben Reynolds (Guitar) & Nigel Ngruvue (Bass)

Since ‘Not Just Jazz 5’ Jordan was booked for a Charity Gig where he prepared a 30min set without my input. I believe a second Gig is also lined up. He’s all ‘grown up and saving China’ – LOL!  Gigging life has started. 

I proudly write that my student, the youngest act yet at my Not Just Jazz Show, was an absolute star at Not Just Jazz 5.   

Well done Jordan! Keep going! 

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