My Not Just Jazz Silent Partners

There are some people in my team who take the time to get the ambience and the sound of Not Just Jazz just right.  They are my silent Partners.  Why do I call them that? Because you don’t notice them doing what they are doing, and that’s part of their job, but their expertise pays dividends to the production value of my Show.

Jack Tustin and his team have handled my lighting for the last three years and they do a marvellous job.  In my ‘Behind The Scenes Of Not Just Jazz 5’ video you will see what Stockland Green Methodist Church looked like before the concert:

Now here are a couple of photographs, by Keri Hunt, capturing the lighting within the Church.  Different isn’t it? Thank you Going Dark Theatrical Services. Thank you Keri for the photographs.

Vince Hyatt is one in a million.  He has been my sound consultant for my Shows since Not Just Jazz II.  Not only that, if I’m a little stuck with any issues regarding my Gigging sound equipment he’s on hand to guide me. Thank you Vince! For Not Just Jazz 5 we expanded the sound requirements so Anthony was invited by Vince to handle this. Thank you Anthony for being there and giving your expertise to enhance my Not Just Jazz 5 Show!

Vince Hyatt, testing the mics before the Band sound check.

I’m looking forward to working with all of you again real soon my Not Just Jazz silent partners.

Thank you so much for the great job you do. 🙂

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