One Fantastic Woman

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My Camera ready face, since my first Not Just Jazz show in 2014 until now, including many of my photoshoots, has been the work of one fantastic woman.   

1-_MGM1607 SunREI Vanessa Not_Just_Jazz_5_Millicent_Stephenson_Sax
Sun.REI (Dancer) face by Vanessa

This fantastic woman is a professional make-up artiste and trainer par excellence and what she does not know about colours, tones, hues, brushes and glues is not worth knowing at all.   She has made-up my dancers and me, and with each of us she works with our personality, preferences and complexions. I have absolutely no complaints. 

She tells me I have the skin and features that make it happen but I say it’s more than this.  She makes me look different. She makes me look great.  Her dexterous hands are precise with every stroke.  She is patient and calm even when I have to halt her work to handle a production enquiry.

Millicent’s face by Vanessa

Thank you Vanessa, for the wonderful work you have done for me. I, Millicent Stephenson Saxophonist, walk on stage feeling like a million pounds (not in a weight, I hasten to clarify – lol!) . I’ve learnt so much along long the way. You are one fantastic woman!

Looking forward to working with you again!


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