My Right Hand Man

Here is the one person in my Not Just Jazz Show that I would like to give a hugh massive Gold star plus thank you  I won’t write much because he is very near and dear to me and as such I will end up writing gushy, mushy, squishy words with too much information – LOL!  But Michael has supported my music since we met.  At one stage he was my booking agent, now he’s my Consultant, but always my right hand man.  Without him much of the super-glue matters of Not Just Jazz would not happen.

On a personal note, my right-hand man and I have been married for 29 years.  He is the ‘Stephenson’ of my name.  And yes, we have our fun times and disagreements but you know what, I wouldn’t swap him for the world! 🙂

Thanks Michael, my right hand man, for helping me to make Not Just Jazz a successful Show! 

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