Officer and a Gentleman meets Beauty and the Beast

Imagine: in one hand, you have the eternal fable of a maiden who saves a cursed prince through love (Beauty and the Beast); and in the other, you’ve got the story of an Aviation Officer candidate pressed between his first romance and the demands of the Gunnery Sergeant in charge of his group (Officer and a Gentleman). You make these two unlikely stories clash together and then you give the result to four comedians, a poet and a saxophonist just in time for Valentine’s Day.

What could come up from that? You have to come to the Valentine’s Comedy Special at Luton Library Theatre to find out! Join Millicent along comedians Les Blair, Ms. Monreal, Rudi Lickwood and Ping Wing, plus the poetry of Priscilla Joseph, for a night that promises everything but boredom.

Tickets are available on this website.

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