The Chance To Make a Difference

As I mentioned towards the end of the last year, I have been assigned a seat in the Executive Committee of the Musicians’ Union. We had our first meeting a couple weeks ago and I feel so, so thankful for the opportunity to work towards the empowerment of musicians and for music itself! I look forward to contribute to this cause with all the dimensions of my experience: as musician, as a woman, as a teacher, as a student, as a businesswoman, as a counsellor, as a mother… it is just great to be there alongside a group of people who are so dedicated to improve the conditions of the industry and also willing to keep that very industry alive through all the difficulties that may appear in our always tumultuous social landscape.

Musicians Union logo

If you are a musician working in the United Kingdom, I encourage you to learn about the Musicians’ Union. You can access the website to browse through all the information, and if you are interested in seeing how the Executive Committee fits in the organization of the Union, you can check this page.

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