Cafemnee Had An Online Workshop And I Couldn’t Be Happier

Cafemnee is one of the projects closer to my heart. I created it with the aim of reaching hobbyist and pro female musicians, singers, songwriters and producers to offer them support, networking opportunities, training and musical expression in a collegial environment, wishing to give these women the confidence to take hold and develop their musical destiny. The main way we have to achieve this is through the organization of two workshops a year, when we gather to have classes, jam sessions, networking activities and more.

You can imagine, then, how badly the pandemic hit this community. Social distancing became necessary a mere week and a half before the first workshop we had scheduled for 2020. This workshop was a continuation of a succesful new format we tested on November 2019 and I definitely didn’t want to put it on hold like everything else, but at the same time, it would be against my principles and my common sense to try to gather any number of people in the midst of such a dangerous public health crisis.

That’s when my and my team had an idea: What if we move the workshop to a virtual space? We could use my experience in digital formats with endeavours as Success Beyond The Score and my Free Booklet For Aspiring Musicians; we knew about the recent improvements of platforms for online education too. We dared to do it, and it worked.

We now have a platform with private forums where members can share exercises and WIPs for others to provide feedback. We have a gallery of lessons that they can revisit whenever they want. We had videocalls and shared screenings, we learned together to use a wide arrangement of virtual tools. It was enriching, it was empowering, and it allowed us to rise together against the challenge of the pandemic.

I couldn’t be happier, and I couldn’t be prouder. Visit and follow Cafemnee’s webpage and social media accounts to find more about what we did and what the attendants got from this novel experience. We won’t stop there!

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