A Digital Gathering To Keep Community Alive

Today at 7:00 PM, I will play for the lovely audience of the Caribbean Social Forum through a Zoom conference. The digital performance format has only become more and more common since the pandemic started, and althought it might seem a bit dull in comparison to having the musician actually on stage, its power to keep community alive in the midst of social distancing cannot be understated.

This is why I happily volunteered to play for the Caribbean Social Forum through videocall. I am glad and relieved knowing that communities like them didn’t just close and go on hiatus as soon as this situation hit, because we need these social spaces alive. We need our peers and friends! We know interaction is an essential component of human health and wellbeing, so, if digital media is the only way to stick together, then let’s do it and rock the Zoom rooms until we can get back to concert halls!

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