How often do you see an all female Sax line-up?

How often do you see an all female Sax line-up? Not often, but when it happens I find it brill! I recall playing, in the late 80s or may be early 90s, in my first all female band. We were called ‘Sisters of Sound’ and we performed at our Church Women’s convention. The Band was created by Shirley Potter and it was the first of its kind, for us. But I’ve never been part of an all female Sax line-up. I am super excited that in two days it’s going to happen. Wow!

This international online Gospel Music concert is called ‘Sax interpretations’ Female Edition. The all female sax line up consists of women from the USA, Jamaica, Trinidad and the UK . We’ll be bringing our own interpretation of songs with the Sax plus you will get to learn more about us in our Green room interviews. It’s gonna be good!

Our host, and only male performer on the night, is the creator of the Sax Interpretation project, Courtney Fadlin and he will be livestreaming this great time this Saturday 27th June, Eastern Standard Time 6pm or UK 11pm. You can watch from his Facebook (FadlinTheSaxman) and YouTube (CourtneyFadlin) channels.

Set your alarm so you don’t miss hearing Ornisea Williands-Hird (Jamaica), Ginger On Sax (USA), Barbara Witter (Jamaica), Rinelle Harrynarrine (Trinidad), and of course yours truly from the UK.

A great way to enjoy your Saturday afternoon/evening/night/morning depending where you are on the Globe.

See you there.

P.S. The event is free but you’ll be able to financially donate to any of the performers which will help in growing and developing our music.

Speak soon.


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