Success Beyond The Score: A recap

Are you new here and just found out about my podcast Success Beyond The Score? Or maybe you listened to the first episodes and lost track of it afterwards. Even if you are a regular listener (thank you for your support!) this recap will be useful to easily find the themes that you want to review and save them for later. I have linked the episodes on SoundCloud, but remember that the podcast is also available in iTunes and MixCloud!

Episodes 1 to 3: Introduction and general considerations
Episodes 4 to 6: Business cards
Episodes 7 to 13: Band vs solo careers
Episode 14: Commonwealth Games
Episodes 15 to 19: Electronic Press Kit
Episode 20: How to make money from your music
Episode 21: Wrap up on the EPK
Episodes 22 to 27: Music Online

And there you go! Remember that there is a new episode every Monday. Also, while we are here, I would be thankful if you could fill this quick survey that will help me tailor my upcoming e-learning course to your needs.

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