Listen To “I Will Go On” With Me


Just a couple days ago, the governement decided to delay the return of indoor music performances, which, as I mentioned here, were supposed to come back on August 1st. When I found out, I thought about my colleagues, my friends, about the members of my Not Just Jazz band, a concert that, sadly, is definitely not going to happen this year.

I also thought about you, the people who support me. Since lockdown started, I have made sure to keep in touch with your through a livestream, an online workshop in Cafemnee which has evolved into a community group, my podcast, audio, video, articles, online lessons, everything that can keep us closer. It has been hard, but rewarding, as I take the best out of the technology we have so the pandemic cannot silence me.

From everything I have written, there is a song that has become very relevant in these times. It is ‘I will go on’, which I created as a tribute to a dear friend who passed away many years ago. This friend was very important for me to set my business path and also for my husband, who, actually, was introduced to me by this friend. Just thinking about my 30th anniversary happening a few weeks ago really puts things into perspective! In any case, the legacy of this dear friend still lives on, and part of it is the fact that I overcame the loss and kept moving, willing to chase my dreams.

Every day in my Facebook feed, I see people bid farewell to their loved ones who have fallen to COVID-19. This situation is leaving a deep wound in our society, and that’s why I want you to listen to ‘I will go on’ with me. To conmemorate those who have left us, and to promise them we’ll keep living and celebrating the life of those who have survived the disease and those who keep taking all the necessary precautions for the virus not to spread further. Let’s make of this our little anthem to value each other, to treasure each minute of each hour of every day, to face the horrid face of reality that media shows us with strength. Let’s play this sing when we need energy to see beyond and stay positive and proactive towards our health and wellbeing.

I wish all of you the best. Let’s keep in touch, this shall pass!

*cover photo taken by Angela Schuster on Lake District, UK.

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