Getting Up To Date With The Band: Reuben Reynolds.

The lockdown may not allow me to meet and play with the talented musicians of the Not Just Jazz band, but I will not let this become an excuse for getting out of touch with them. In these times of uncertainty, the best is to reach out and look together for creative ways to take the best out of this sour situation (expect some info expanding on that soon 😉

Thinking about your interest in the show and that you might be interested in the current activities of the band as well, I decided use a weekly space in my platform to tell you about what the different members of the band are doing. Let’s start with my amazing guitarist Reuben Reynolds, and there’s no better way to start than by listening to him in action:

If you have ever been to one of my Not Just Jazz shows, you have witnessed first hand Reuben’s guitar prowess, and now, given the circumstances, you can also get to experience his knowledge and skill at home! Reuben has been teaching online classes since April via Zoom, and he has also been recording for multiple projects that either resumed or started during quarantine. I was very happy to learn he is doing well.

You can find more of Reuben in his YouTube Channel and his Instagram account or email:

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