Will I Go Back To The Stages Soon?

After months of sanitary emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK has gotten to a point where certain restrictions can be removed without supposing a great risk for public health. Among those, we got the return of indoor performances starting August 15th, and on the same day, the government updated the guidance for the performing arts in England to reflect new Public Health England research into transmission risks from singing, wind and brass performance.

Very uplifting news for a saxophonist and singer like me, isn’t it? I will always put health first; I don’t want anyone from my family, circle of collaborators, or audience, to be put at risk or suffer for my cause. However I cannot be but hopeful now that, step by step, and always that we remain aware and empathetic, things return back to normal.

I cannot say just yet exactly how or when I will get back into the stages, but I will keep you informed through my social media. Also, I have opened my booking system, so we can talk about how to make the performance you need happen.

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