Don’t forget to have your say by 11:59pm Friday 18th September

I mentioned on Thursday that I had found out that we in the UK can have our say about the distribution and treatment of the COVID-19 vaccine by Friday 18 September 2020. I hope you have managed to take a look and put your thoughts forward but if not this is a reminder.

The UK consultation covers the following points:

  • authorising temporary supply of an unlicensed product
  • civil liability and immunity
  • expanding the workforce eligible to administer vaccinations
  • promoting vaccines
  • making provisions for wholesale dealing of vaccines

For me there are some concerning items in this proposal however read the two documents and have your say by Friday.  The documents are long, don’t be put off. 

The consultation closes at 11:59pm on Friday 18th September.  Comments can be emailed after that date but who knows at what stage the Government will be at and whether late comments will have any impact – just my opinion. 

Here is the link to the two documents and the online Q&A form on the UK Government website here:

Speak to you soon.

Bye for now.

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