The Journey Of A Menopausal Musician

October 18th was established as World Menopause Day to raise awareness about the issues, experiences and challenges that this natural stage of life brings to a bit more than half the population of the world, yet is hardly spoken about and even considered a bit “taboo”. To contribute to this campaign, I wrote an article for the Musician’s Union to shed some light over life as a menopausal musician, and it begins as follows:

“It was during an MU Committee meeting where we were informed that temperature checks would be part of COVID testing for musicians entering rehearsal rooms and Studios, that I laughingly said, “What about us women of a certain age? We do get a little hot from time to time. How will it tell if we are warm from a flush or COVID?”

We chuckled but it was for serious consideration. It was comforting to hear that those with an elevated temperature could take a seat, cool down and retake the test, hopefully passing with flying colours.

But I did wonder whether some women may dread temperature checks because they may not want to explain their health if they feel they will be subjected to detrimental treatment or capability procedures at work.”

I invite you to read the full article on the MU website and share it with fellow musicians, no matter their gender: even if you don’t experience something yourself, it is always positive to be informed about it to know how to better support your peers and create good working environments!

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