All The Resources, A Single Website

As a professional saxophonist, I am very aware of the lack of resources and support available for us to sort the business side of music. In an ideal world, we all would have managers taking care of introductions, contacts, networking, transactions, finances, protocols and so on, but in reality we need to know about all this stuff in order to build a career. Using my background and my experience, I have been spreading useful information to solve this issue for years, and now I have condensed all of it in a single website:

Before anyone gets confused, yes, that URL is also the name of my podcast, which currently has a whole season online and available in SoundCloud, iTunes, and Mixcloud, and also appears every two weeks in the radio station AffinityXtra. I picked that name for the website because the idea stemmed from the podcast and because it’s a very effective title. But please, know that the website is more than another outlet for the podcast: it also hosts my written works like the booklet with 25 secrets of the industry that are going to change your game, and also my community group “Time For My Music”.

No matter if you have known and used my resources for years or if we just met, I hope this new website serves as a hub to find all you need to keep growing in the music industry and achieve your goals!

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