Did You Miss The Podcast Today In AffinityXtra? Catch Up Next Sunday!

Today at noon, as it happens every other Tuesday, the radio station AffinityXtra gave a space to my podcast ‘Success Beyond The Score’. We are several episodes in and the reception has been amazing, so I want to thank you all for your support! Also, let me remind you that AffinityXtra also plays the podcast on Sundays at noon, so, if you missed this week’s episodes, you can catch up then.

Listen now to AffinityXtra

The podcast is still available in my other platforms (Soundcloud, iTunes, Mixcloud) but I invite you to listen in AffintyXtra because the content is nicely paced there, and also because, when listening to the radio station and all the content they have to offer, you support more artists beyond myself, which is very needed and well-received in the present circumstances.

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