Menopause And Music: A Topic We Can’t Overlook!

“Femininity is cherished and exploited in the music industry. Producers make their fortunes by selling a version of feminine sexual perfection and we see this through comments such as ‘You sound ok but you just don’t have the right look’ which is mentioned in TV music competitions. The winner goes through a complete make-over with additional air brushing to personify ultimate beauty and achievement. But then, years later, what happens when the menopause hits?”

This is one fragment of the article I wrote for the Musicians Union in occasion of World Menopause Day, October 18th. In it, I talk about how, despite whatever Hollywood or the industry says, it is not the end of any career, including music!

Let’s get informed and share the info with our peers, no matter the gender, so we can spread awareness and have better working relationships. Click here to read the whole text.

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