Watch My Reggae Sax ‘How Great Thou Art’ To The End

Looking for some reggae sax music? Why not check out my reggae sax version of the timeless Hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’. It’s one of my favourite hymns. I sang it many moons ago in the Youth Choir although then it was sang in a traditional style. In fact I recall playing it on the Sax as a beginner with a more Bluesy feel, I must dig out the video for you but today I’ve infused How Great Thou Art with my reggae roots.

So enjoy! By the way, I’m want to access YouTube Partner programme but need 1000 subscribers and 4.5k watch views in 12 months. Help me get there by subscribing to my YouTube channel and watching the videos preferably to the end 🙂

Watch my Reggae Sax ‘How Great Thou Art’ To the end here:

Tap the YouTube link hete to Subscribe:

The lovely Pic is by Keri Hunt 🙂

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