The Transmission Fund And Other Initiatives To Support Your Music

A new year usually means new energy and ideas to achieve our goals, but the events of 2020 pose a particularly difficult challenge: the impact that COVID-19 has had on the economy, and how it has compromised the viability of a big portion of the entertainment industry events, make for a rather somber panorama for 2021. This is no reason to give up, of course, but to seek all the resources and help that could boost your work and help you navigate the upcoming months.

One of the options I invite you to consider is the Transmission Fund, which exists to support music creators to build their skills in order to take their career to the next stage. It provides grants of up to £1,500 that can be used on education, equipment or projects by emerging and professional musicians of all genres and disciplines, including bands or ensembles consisting of six members or less. 

Applications are open until January 25th, 2021. If you think the Transmission Fund can be beneficial for you, read more and apply.

Other funds that can help you with your music project and/or career:
Rolling deadlines – International Showcase Fund – read more and apply
8th January – Hitmaker Fund – read more and apply
12th February – The Open Fund for Music Creators – read more
12th February – The Open Fund for Organisations – read more
12th February – Women Make Music – read more
15th February – PPL Momentum Fund – read more and apply
28th May – The Composers’ Fund – read more
June TBC – Keychange – read more

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