‘In Their Own Words’ By Sammy Stein Is Now Available.

Sammy Stein’s book ‘In Their Own Words’ was supposed to come out half a year before her other work, ‘Gender Disparity in UK Jazz: A Discussion’, but the circumstances said otherwise and the two of them saw the light with only weeks of difference! I collaborated with both and I can say that they are not redundant at all. On the contrary, I think having the two dialogue is an excellent way to get a deep insight on the current landscape of UK jazz and the role women play on it.

To better understand what ‘In Their Own Words’ is about and what it achieves, I find this review by Emile Manasche from Jazz Times particularly helpful:

“All That’s Jazz author Sammy Stein’s new book Women in Jazz: The Women, the Legends & Their Fight uses a wide-angle lens to look at how women in a range of different roles have made a life in—and helped shape—jazz. Instead of only focusing on well-known performers, Stein interviewed agents, arrangers, composers, public relations professionals, media members, and more. Her subjects bridge generations (and international boundaries) in an effort to honor the past, assess the present, and point to the future.”

The book is available on Amazon UK and 8th House Publishing (America). Happy reading!

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