Gospel And Trap? Yes! Listen To “Sick World” by Deitrick Haddon And Zaytoven

American gospel artist, pastor, and actor Deitrick Haddon is well known for his progressive approach to gospel. He never shies away from fusions and contemporary styles of music. As an example of this, he teamed up with the Zaytoven, pioneer of the trap genre, for his last single, called Sick World.

In this interview with Good Morning America, Deitrick explained that he found in Zaytoven a fellow believer who, after spending the week producing for big stars like Usher or Gucci Mane, dedicated Sunday mornings to play at his local church in Atlanta, Georgia. Their shared love for gospel and trap made their collaboration possible, and the result has the best of both worlds:

This is not the first time Zaytoven takes on this kind of challenge: back on 2018, he released the album Let The Trap Say Amen in collaboration with Christian hip hop artist Lecrae. That, in addition to Sick World, reminds us musicians that there’s a lot to gain when we dare to try new sounds and break conventions in order to express ourselves.

Hope you enjoy this great song!

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