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Yesterday, I had a fantastic evening alongside talented female saxophonists in the concert Sax Interpretations: Ladies Edition, organised by the amazing Courtney Fadlin. If you missed the event, you can rewatch it on YouTube:

There was a little confusion among viewers as to how to donate to support me after the concert, so I thought I should come and explain how to do it and what a donation would accomplish:

Over the last 10 years, and on top of my professional career as a musician, I have worked with women from all backgrounds and ages to surmount their hurdles and realise their musical dreams. Big projects like ‘Cafemnee’, ‘Time For My Music’ and ‘Success Beyond The Score’ alternate with collaborations with the Musicians’ Union and other organisations that also strive for equality in music.

In addition, new challenges and new scenarios appeared for all musicians because of the pandemic, and I adapted to the best of my ability so I could keep putting valuable information out there. I also got the required gear to perform online and stay relevant while we were all locked.

The struggles have been endless, but I have learned a lot as well and overall I have found this long year rewarding. Your donation, if you are in a position to make it, will help me apply all the new knowledge and ideas I have acquired in order to provide more coaching and training. It will also allow me to improve my set up as necessary to deliver music performances and educational talks with better technical quality.

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