Over the last 10 years I have worked with women from all backgrounds and ages to surmount their hurdles and realise their musical dreams.  I do this through my empowering projects ‘Cafemnee’, ‘Time For My Music’ and my Guest Blog for the Musicians Union called ‘The journey of a menopausal musician’ which you can read there or here on my website.  

Cafemnee Take Control Of Your Sound Sept 2017 Millicent Stephenson Women Set Up Mixing Desk
Learning about the Mixer

The women have learnt how to the get their microphone system correct for their music; how to improve their stage craft.  How to find work and get paid, and so on.  They are more confident in their music and about themselves.   

“Honest opinions with your best interest at heart – no judgement, no condemnation while we all grow at the different rates of progress in our individual music and collectively”

Alongside these projects I have a Podcast called ‘Success Beyond The Score’ and a free E-Booklet called ‘Revealed – 25 Secrets of the Successful Gigging Musician, Singer, Rapper and Spoken Word Artiste’.  Both are aimed at anyone, irrespective of gender, who wants to build a music career, in particular those who are giving it one last push!

Cafemnee Participants and Workshop Tutors

Now I need your help to continue this lifeline especially with the impact of COVID-19. Help to provide pathways specifically to help individuals express their musical talent, and avoid pitfalls and hurdles that are characteristic in some areas of the music arena.

So, if you are in a position to make a donation your gift will help to provide more coaching and training to help musicians develop and perform locally, nationally and internationally.  Bringing their talent out of the shadows.

So give generously and it will make a massive difference in building more confident women in the music industry.

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Thanks in advance for giving to this cause.


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